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Welcome to Mohamed Hammoud Al Saleh Furniture Store
Commercial registration number: 3350104782
Our online store is a wide assortment of the finest types of modern bed linens in all different sizes, whether double mattresses or single textures and text, and our assortments expand to include summer and winter mattresses, children, brides and even hotel mattresses because we believe that a comfortable bed goes a long way towards a good night's sleep And a good night's sleep goes a long way towards health and wellness where good sleep is constantly linked to lower stress, restrain inflammation, healthy weight, improved athletic performance, and a long list of other benefits so our mattresses are a haven for rest after a long and arduous work day, our mattresses are designed in a unique way from Through the use of materials that give you sustainability in bed linens and ensure that they are not easily damaged as well as give you an excellent feeling with every experience in addition to the superior quality and the right price, our products also expand to include home accessories and carpets in addition to various bathroom products and our mission is not only limited to producing bedspreads but also It extends to delivering different products to your door in a timely manner and with the required quality and making available many different payment methods to facilitate your customers as What we guarantee is the quality of the after-sales service and the return and exchange policy developed for the convenience of customers. All you have to do is request one of our services to have a unique buying and sleeping experience that will make you permanent customers at Al-Saleh store. Our motto remains always (we take care of 1/3 of your life)